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Thermometer - monitor your crops and other products in storage.....

pH Meter - for soil and liquids....

The Agricultural Thermometer

This thermometer is an advanced, portable, battery operated instrument used to monitor the temperature of hay, seed, root crops and other agricultural products during their storage in heaps, silos, piles, clamps or pits. It can also be useful in many other situations where the monitoring of temperature is important in the technological process.

The THERMOMETER consists of an electronic unit and the 1.5m probe. A set of probes for the unit can be ordered or the probe's length can be customised at the client's request.

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The pH Meter

This high precision instrument measures pH, electrical potential and temperature in soil and liquids.

It is factory equipped with fully automatic or manual compensation.

The compact size of the unit makes it a practical tool in the field or greenhouse. Included with the METER is a temperature and pH probe, liquids for calibration and a convenient plastic case for easy carrying and maintainance.

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