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The Estrous Detector is...

Vitally important in a successful breeding program
Tested by universities

Manufactured to a high standard to assure accuracy and reliability
Used world-wide
Covererd by a 1 year warranty

ONE of the most important elements in animal reproduction is the proper detection of estrous.

THE ESTROUS DETECTOR is a small, fully portable, robustly built 9v battery powered computerised device.

Testing Procedure
Measurements are taken simply by properly inserting the probe into the vagina and taking a reading. No prior technical knowledge on the part of the operator is needed. The instrument's functional shape allows easy usage by one person and no help is needed to take measurements. One or two daily readings for several successive days are recommended for fail-safe detection of ovulation.

Detecting Estrous
Estrous detection (see picture) depends on identifying the period when resistance is minimum and the following sharp rise. The rise in resistance indicates ovulation within a few hours and is the best period for insemination or mating.

Early Detection of Pregnancy
Readings should be taken again after insemination or mating when the next estrous cycle would normally be due. If resistance remains high for a few days it will mean gestation is in progress. On the other hand a fall in resistance to levels met during estrous will indicate the animal is not pregnant.

The Estrous Detector:

Eliminates need for uncertain visual observation;
Optimises timed breeding to maximise the rate of conception and increase breeding efficiency;
Detects false and silent heat thereby reducing feeding costs for non-pregnant animals; and
Confirms early pregnancy, facilitating proper treatment of the pregnant animal.

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