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test for antibiotics in milk!
The Antibiotic Test Kit

The UK consumer continues to demand higher standards for dairy products.

What is the Antibiotic Test Kit?
It is a test that detects beta lactam antibiotics in a milk sample.
It is the fastest on the market, taking just 5 minutes.
It is easy to use and simple to understand, giving you results instantly, that can be kept permanently.
It is a very sensitive test, detecting the majority of Beta lactam antibiotics at or below the EU maximum residue level (*MRL).

How do you use the Antibiotic Test Kit?

1. Add a measured sample of milk to the Beta star vial.

2. Mix and incubate the vial in the pre-heated incubator for three minutes.

3. Add a paper reader and incubate for a further two minutes.

4. Remove the paper reader and read off the results - as per diagram below.
( Heater blocks are available with or without timer)

On the farm:
Early calving cows which have been treated with dry cow antibiotics.
Purchased cows with unknown treatment.
All cows where there has been some confusion over antibiotic residues in milk.
The bulk tank prior to collection.
Off the farm:
Bulk tank sampling to avoid contamination of the milk tanker.
Milk tanker testing whilst in transit to avoid delay at the dairy.
At the dairy as a control test on milk tankers before milk is unloaded into larger silos.

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